Cancer Screening Options

Many cancer types can be detected at an annual exam.

Cervical Cancer
The pap smear is a test for cancer of the cervix. The test involves collecting cells directly from the cervix and sending to the lab for evaluation.

Breast Cancer
A clinical breast exam combined with an annual mammogram is the gold standard for identifying breast cancer. Other tests that can help to identify breast cancer include breast ultrasound, MRI, and thermogram.

Ovarian Cancer
A clinical bimanual exam performed with the pelvic exam is traditionally used to identify ovarian cancer. An ultrasound and a blood CA125 test may be used for specific people.

Skin Cancer
Annual exams also include evaluation of the skin. If abnormalities are suspected, a skin biopsy or referral to a dermatologist may be done.

Colon Cancer
A rectal exam performed at the annual exam helps to detect blood in the stool or abnormalities of the rectum. A colonoscopy screening is usually recommended at age 50.

If other cancers are suspected, blood work and referrals may be done.

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